Friend, with these Zoom private online sessions, it’s all about YOU and revealing your harmonic magic within. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps into the world of chord voicings or an enthusiast looking to elevate your creative musical skills, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination. The revelation of your harmonic genius begins here!

I’m Dave Longo, your companion on this harmonic adventure. With over 40 years of professional performance and teaching expertise, I’ve performed for private and corporate events and sailed the seas as a soloist and orchestra pianist with cruise lines such as Carnival, Celebrity, Princess, and Norwegian cruise lines.

My specialties cover a diverse range, from jazz and pop to improvisation and effective practice strategies. Fueled by a profound passion for music, I’m here to ensure that your goals are my priority as you embark on your musical journey. I’ve crafted online piano tutorials like TV Tips, focusing on cocktail piano techniques and strategies. Join me here, where passion for sharing becomes the guiding force for *your* exploration.

Let me share a personal note – the day I discovered what a jazz piano voicing was, my musical world transformed. It was like the beginning of “The Wizard of Oz,” transitioning from black and white to a burst of color. I absolutely love delving into this topic; it’s a passion I’m thrilled to bring to our sessions. Let’s keep it informal yet professional, creating harmonic wonders together!

Welcome to Zoom piano lessons with Dave