Frequently Asked Questions I thought I would share my responses to a few commonly asked questions. Of course, you are encouraged to ask your own, as I would take pleasure in responding to you.

Q: How do I set up for online piano lessons via Zoom?
A: You’ll want to download the Zoom software to your device. You only need one device, like a laptop, positioned at the side of your piano so I can see your fingers on the keys. For an enhanced experience, consider using a second device (phone or tablet) in your piano music stand to view me without turning your head. Here is a quick & easy setup guide. Here is a quick & easy setup guide.

Q: What topics can you help with during the lessons?
A: I cover a range of topics including reading music, technique, chords, interpreting lead sheets, improvisation, jazz & pop piano strategies, chord voicings, intros, endings, and more.

Q: How do you approach lessons for beginners?
A: I like to make it fun from the start. One approach I enjoy involves getting beginners to have fun playing some chords soon. After all, having fun with harmony is satisfying and encourages more time at the piano.

Q: Can I schedule regular weekly lessons?
A: Absolutely! Regular weekly lessons can be easily accommodated. If you prefer flexibility, you can control your schedule to align with your own personal learning preferences.

Q: How can I address technical issues with Zoom setup?
A: If you’re having trouble setting up Zoom, don’t worry. I can guide you through the process to ensure a smooth connection for our lessons. Also, upon your signing up, I offer a complimentary session so that you and I can have the opportunity to “set the stage” to ensure a quality experience.

Q: What’s one suggestion for making these lessons successful?
A: A relaxed and humorous approach helps create a goal-oriented, enjoyable learning experience. It’s about making progress while having fun.

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