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How To Get The Most From That First Lesson

Piano Chord Voicings Program

I just wanted to offer a couple of suggestions that might be conducive to your making the most of that lesson (and subsequent lessons if you choose to enroll in the full program):

1) Learn that 1-7-3-5-9 chord voicing in more than one key. It's one thing to learn a new chord voicing structure. However, when you transpose that voicing to other keys, you are well on your way to really KNOWING that voicing like the back of your hand. That's really the ticket... you want to be able to play a chord voicing "on command" in any musical situation.

One way to achieve this is to simply play the voicing in the key that you already know it and then bring it up one half step by raising each and every member of the voicing up one half step. This way, you can more easily "feel" your way to that voicing in the next key. Do this through all 12 keys!

It's quite gratifying to do this as you gain confidence with playing any given voicing through all the keys. Even though the "formula" is the same, it's really a different "feeling" to your hands and fingers as you play it through those keys.

2) Find a place in a favorite song of yours that you can actually APPLY that voicing to. After all, THIS IS WHY WE LEARN THESE VOICINGS... so we can USE THEM ON COMMAND.

So, for example, the voicing in Lesson #1 is a Cmaj9. Look for a place in a standard song that you are used to playing where a Major 7th chord is called for. See if you can make this new voicing work there. This will get easier for you as time goes on since, in the program, we provide suggestions how to make this happen in a practical way (Lesson #3 has been like "gold" for many people in this regard).

Again, the 24 lessons that follow each contain a lesson in textual format with very illustrative graphics when necessary. In addition, a video complements each of these lessons. I made a point of keeping these video sessions just long enough to make the point so that you can go right to that piano or keyboard of yours and USE what you are learning.

That's really the key, LEARN IT... USE IT... you'll be hearing me emphasize this point throughout the program. You see, that's what separates this program from so many others. You not only learn HOW to play these voicings but you also learn HOW TO INCORPORATE them into tunes. That's the primary reason we learn them to begin with, right?

I appreciate the fact that you've given ProProach a try and hope you'll continue to make the most of this first lesson...

Meanwhile, I'm ready to have you start with Lesson #2, as it is related to Lesson #1 in a very big way...






ProProach Piano Chord Voicings Program Dave

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