ProProach Piano Chord Voicings Program

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ProProach is a pro's approach to playing piano chords. It is a program devoted to placing professional piano chord "secrets" within easy grasp of anyone, even the novice player. You are about to gain instant online access to 25 valuable lessons that have proved to be effective in enhancing people's ability to play chords on the piano in a creative way they never previously thought possible. You have here a series of lessons that you can follow at your own pace. The material is presented in a very informal, motivating, inspiring manner. You will discover that continuous exposure to these lessons will lead to more and more insights as your experience increases. Inevitably, you will become a better piano stylist.


It brings great joy to hear from ProProach members who have spent a few weeks applying the concepts to their own playing...
ProProach Piano Chord Voicings Testimonial


Arizona, USA
"I'm really beginning to like the way I sound now! Thanks for making this course available to us. Hope your other students are having as much fun as I am! Your lessons are fun and you keep them Interesting and enjoyable to DO! It has dawned on me
ProProach Piano Chord Voicings Program Testimonial


Arkansas, USA
"Dear Dave, just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying your ProProach course... Just wanted you to know, yours is a terrific program!! I think this is important. As you know, Dave, different people learn in different ways. I have always learned best
ProProach Piano Chord Voicings Testimonial


Rhode Island, USA
"Dave, I was sitting there at the piano with Lesson #5 of ProProach in front of me. I was watching you play those voicings in the video, pausing it just long enough to copy what you were doing on the piano at different intervals. While becoming absorbed with this 

A Comprehensive Experience

ProProach includes online videos, graphics, and textual explanations that make learning easy, fun, and result-oriented!
ProProach Piano Chord Voicings Program
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